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American Madam - Bella's Memoir

American Madam – Bella’s Memoir

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American Madam: One Woman’s Journey to Female Empowerment, Providing Sensual Services — by Bella Cummins, owner and operator of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch, a legal brothel in Wells, Nevada — is more, much more, than a recounting of familiar stories and rehashing of old information. It is a memoir of an intelligent, industrious and idealistic entrepreneur who achieved female self-empowerment with enormous patience, sacrifice and vision. And it is a manifesto for legalizing nationwide and worldwide the profession that Bella has christened “sensual services”: a more dignified and accurate term for the work performed by professional courtesans.

At Bella’s Hacienda Ranch, Bella mentors the independent contractors who work as sensual-service providers, so they can empower themselves by setting personal goals and raising the standard of their occupation to that of the revered courtesan of old, such as the educated class of La Cortigiana Onesta in Renaissance Italy. “As part of my campaign, I have written this book, which is a memoir and a manifesto,” Bella says. “My ultimate agenda is to radically and absolutely change 21st-century society’s regard for, and treatment of, the world’s oldest profession. The need for physical intimacy is an essential human need, and suppressing it has severely negative effects for individuals and society as a whole.”

American Madam is coming in print and Kindle format this year. Bella will be promoting the book via an author’s tour and is available for media interviews. To see more information on the book, visit this page.

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