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Ronnie Kirfman

She is a very, very sexy, beautiful young lady. She does what she says she will do, 1000 percent and more. She wants to make sure you are very happy and she will talk to you at first to help calm your nerves, and then take you to the room and have fun. It's worth every penny and then some.

Russian Beauty Natasha


Natasha was just what I was looking for on my mini-vacation. So Go with confidence.

James Donn

She was amazing. Her dances are incredible. I could spend all day watching her!

Alvin J Pittman

I loved the time I got to be with you. Your soft skin and body felt so good. I wish I would have been able to go down on you and been able to be with you longer, but I hope we have other time together and not on the clock. I enjoyed your company very much.

Aria Vici

Wyoming Cowboy

Aria is not just the bombshell you see in her photos; with a perfect hourglass figure and more curves than you will know what to do with. She is not just a dazzling conversationalist with bedroom eyes and a beautiful smile that will immediately put you at ease and make you feel as if you are spending intimate time with a long-lost partner. She is not just a sex kitten who will use that perfect body, sweet mouth and MAGICAL hands to bring you to ecstasy. She is all of these things; but above all Aria is an experience you will not forget anytime soon, I can not wait for Round 2. An hour with her is not enough. A woman who offers more than just sex; who is sweet, and kind and insightful. Thanks for an unforgettable experience! Stay wild.



Vivienne is a gem. What a wonderful southern lady with charm and great looks. Vivienne came and joined our party and we had a great two girl party for the afternoon, evening and night including an outdate. Vivienne is beautiful and very friendly. She is easy to talk with and to be around. She makes you feel like you are the only one around. I am grateful she joined the party as this was my first experience with two women and I couldn't have been luckier in these two great ladies. They took very good care of me. I am looking forward to seeing Vivienne again when I am in the area.

Review for Paige


Wow. Not sure there is much more I can say other than that. Paige is adorable and such a swet and beautiful woman. I think she said she has only been at Bella's for a couple of weeks now, but I really hope she stays because I would love to see her again. This review is a little late but after seeing Paige a little over a week ago, the skip in my step is still there.

Natalie Grace- Wow! World Class Experience Indeed

Mike T.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel the world over the years and I have had some really great and fun experiences. In that time, I've also been able to check out quite a few brothels, and I can honestly say that with Natalie at Bella's it does not get better than this. On their website she is described as a world class girlfriend experience which had me both intrigued and skeptical. I have fallen for the hooplah and overused slogans before and have usually been left quite disappointed to say the least. Fortunately I can say that when it comes to Natalie, the hype is real and then some. If anything, I think world class girlfriend experience is an understatement. More like galaxy class if I had my say. Natalie is the ultimate mix of beauty, sexy, and girl next door. She is smoking hot yet sweet and innocent all at once. When she first started talking to me, I must have looked like a complete moron. I know she was saying words to me, but I was trying so hard to get my mouth off the floor that I couldn't tell you what she was saying. I just know I had this goofy grin on my face that I still have now as I write this. Sometimes you meet someone that is beautiful, but perhaps distant or unengaged. Or maybe someone that knows they are that beautiful and acts like they are doing you a favor just by being in your presence. Natalie is the complete package 100%. She has the looks, the intelligence, and the personality all in one. When we were spending time together, she made me feel like I was the only guy in the world and that there was no other place she would rather be than with me. She is exactly what any male would dream up if they could have the ultimate woman and I could not recommend her enough. Natalie you are beyond awesome and I can not thank you enough.

Venus Storm

JJ from Idaho

This is my fourth time coming to Bella's and one of the best times yet. My weakness is for sexy redheads and Venus has to be atop the list of sexiest redheads I have ever met. When I first met her, I was a little nervous because she really is exactly what I have been looking for. She is so beautiful and the best part is also how nice she is. It's like the sexiest girl in the neighborhood just also happens to be the girl next door. Thanks Venus, I will be coming by much sooner than I had originally planned.


Bob from Montana.....

Seen her a few of times.... great personality...always a great time.. looking forward to seeing her again ...

Asian Delight

Joe P

I have seen Kitty a few times over the last couple of years, and each time she greets me with that special smile of hers and makes me realize why I keep coming there. She is my little Asian delight and is always so much fun to spend time with.

I Will Come Back Again

Scott S.

Dear Treasure and Bella, I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Bella, thank you for your hospitality and a dam good margarita! Treasure, I want to say thank you for such an unexpected experience. I can say with a genuineness that I had no expectations and that it seemed like the Universe had it's own agenda and it turned out well. For me the joy in life and love is the connection with others. I needed to feel comfortable with you before I went into greater detail with you about one of the things we discussed. I attach some of my art (all in good taste) for thoughtful consideration of something we might be able to share one of these days 😉. Again, I had to feel comfortable with you as a person before discussing further. You passed with flying colors! Thank you. These were all taken within the last couple years or three but you get the idea, size 12 shoes... no problem! 😉 Treasure, I will come back again at end of April, beginning of May. It would be a pleasure to see you then. Bella keep looking for those Doubloons and pieces of eight!


Aria is not just the bombshell you see in her photos; with a perfect hourglass figure and more curves than you will know what to do with. She is not just a dazzling conversationalist with bedroom eyes and a beautiful smile that will immediately put you at ease and make you feel as if you are spending intimate time with a long-lost partner. She is not just a sex kitten who will use that perfect body, sweet mouth and MAGICAL hands to bring you to ecstasy. She is all of these things; but above all Aria is an experience you will not forget anytime soon, I cannot wait for Round 2. An hour with her is not enough. A woman who offers more than just sex; who is sweet, and kind and insightful. Thanks for an unforgettable experience! Stay wild.



I was traveling home and had the choice of stopping in Elko and Wells. I decided on Wells and to Bella's and I could not have made a better choice. The place was clean and friendly and with the ladies lineup it was a clear choice for Alexandra. Alexandra took me on a tour and then we discussed what party we wanted to do. We decided on one and got together, chatted and got friendly. Alexandra is an educated, well traveled, beautiful lady. I could not believe my luck. After awhile she asked if we wanted to have a two girl party. I said I was game and she went to ask and came back with another beautiful lady to come join us. We had a fantastic evening, including an outdate for dinner, then back for the night. This exceeded my wildest dreams. These ladies were awesome. They were beautiful and sensual. They were just wonderful to be around, to talk and to party. Alexandra took the lead and I could not have asked for anything more. She is an 11 on a scale of 1-10. I would definitely come back for a visit and another party with Alexandra. I could go on and on about Alexandra but I would eventually run out of descriptive words to describe this most wonderful experience. Looking forward to our next party.



All I can say is Wow, Zepp is in a class by herself. When I come back, not if, I will definitely want to check her out again. Thanks Zepp, you were awesome.

Venus Storm Rocks

R Davis

Her name is Venus Storm, but she should consider changing it to Venus Star because she is a complete rock star. I can't even begin to say how much fun I had with her. She is just 100% sexy and so much fun. I will definitely see her again next time I come through to Bella's

Natasha Is A Total Blast


I had such a great time with Natasha. She is warm, friendly, and off the charts sexy. I can't wait until I get the chance to see her again.

G Hat

Rose knows how to give you what you want. Definitely a mind reader. She will make sure you leave with an unforgettable memory. If she is available on your visit, I would definitely suggest her. Attentive to detail.



Alright, guys and girls, you have to get with Alexxxis! She is great I met her somewhere else and now at Bellas and I will only use her services. Alexxxis has the touch she will make you feel like you have been lovers for a lifetime. She will please you with her mouth, she is very good orally and she is great during the sex she wants to please you and she loves to make you cum. I don’t know what else to say about her but she is worth the visit and the drive if you are coming from out of town so get there get some of her hot and steamy sexiness.


She’s a beautiful woman inside and out. I can’t wait to see her again soon.

David Smith

Sweetheart, fun in bed, relaxing massage after. Truly worth the trip.


My time with Jamie Jupiter was absolutely magical. She has the touch of a goddess, and a great sense of humor as well. I for sure hope to see her again.

Natasha- Intoxicating Experience


Had a great time with Natasha. She communicated great and had great conversation and chemistry with her. Don't miss out on this goddess while she is around.

Connor Casey

Hey Salem, the experience I had with you was absolutely fantastic. It was a wonderful time in every sense of the word. I'll definitely make sure to come back again 😀

You Won't Be Disappointed


You won't be disappointed with Aria. She is a gorgeous compassionate women with all the right curves. She make you feel like you've known her for years. Would definitely come back for more!!

Dallas rain


This women is amazing she knew what I needed and was able to hold a great conversation I could not have been more pleased great night with a great woman


Amazing time last night! Super sweet and friendly, can’t say that enough! She makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed! Definitely will be back to party with her again!!

RJ & Chuey

Awesome girl 'inside & out'!!! Chuey & I enjoyed meeting you for our time last night... You are sooooo SWEEEET! Your energy is awesome & we hope to see you again SOON. W/love, RJ & Chuey


She's just the best


Thoughtful, sweet, understanding and very beautiful. Thanks again!

Tristan Caldwell

Had an amazing time!!! Not bad for a little guy lol

Patrick F

Had a great experience with Carina. She was really easygoing and great to be with. She made it wonderful and very satisfying.

Anonymous aria


Travel to bellas in have good time with aria she has beautiful smile nice blonde body I can not wait to see aria again she's best.

Omar Dukes

A very pleasurable experience!! Carina is a very attractive woman! Sexy and intelligent with a willingness to please company! My experiences with her have brought me great pleasures!! I'm greatly looking forward to another experience with her soon!!!

Thomas L. Wakefield

I enjoyed every minute with you. I hope to see you again in the near future.

Ben Cooper

Wonderful. I'm an older dude. I picked the most 'mature' looking Lady from the line-up. Tonight, that was Olivia. She was friendly, she was personable, and we had a wonderful time together. I am very pleased.


Excellent, had awesome time. Well worth the money.

Miss Paige


I’ve often imagined what heaven would be like, not anymore... All I have to do is think about Miss Paige and the way she makes me feel. Amazing experience(every time), hard to think about much else other than HER after a visit. Probably, why I’m a repeat client! Definitely a dream come true and makes for the sweetest of dreams. Has me wishing I could see her everyday!


This woman is very professional and will definitely blow your mind, amongst other things. She puts on an absolute 5 star performance. She is beautiful, warm, generous, amazing lover and helped me get over my first-time nerves by providing excellent service from the moment I met her. She is a special woman. Until next time Russian Fox! 😉

Paul Bunyan

She made all the stress and bad things from driving junk trucks melt away. She is beautiful in more than just looks, and she really cares.


My experience and time with you was just totally awesome. No bullshit, I got what I wanted and was very pleased. I would recommend her, hands down. Thank you Lily.

Cody Shepherd

Aria is a fantastic beauty and a gorgeous lover. What a girl.

Matthew Johnson

What an amazing sweet down to earth girl!! Such a sweet human!! Thank you!



Stopped by this Sunday morning and Jazmine treated me like royalty! She truly made my experience memorable! From the moment we met, until I had to leave, she met all of my needs, and surpassed my expectations!


Thanks so much for the wonderful time. You were just amazing. You totally exceeded all my expectations. I wish that I got to spend more time with you. You have an amazing body and a wonderful personality. I will be back to see you. My only advice to all the gents out there: schedule an appointment with her and you will not be disappointed. Thanks again, Aria! Your Bengal Tiger 🙂


Aria, your wonderful touch is truly exceptional! You are fascinating. You are an amazing woman in so very many ways. I look forward to seeing you again and again and again. I am lost in your eyes forever.


Elissa is just fabulous! 100% a lady who knows how to take care of a man. She is absolutely gorgeous and treated me from start to finish as if I were her king. The best GFE ever and I had the time of my life. She knew how to treat me and she most definitely knew how to take care of me with all my needs. I will be back to see her a lot more often as she fulfills my every need. You can never go wrong with Elissa!

Natasha: Such a great experience


The second I started talking to Natasha, I knew I would have a great time. She was wearing a sexy outfit that looked great on her. Her pictures are accurate I would say she is a curvy woman and has a fantastic rack. Natasha has a sexy accent and a warm and bubbly personality. I would recommend her as I had a good time with her. Treat her well guys!

Bryan Rollins

Ohhhh my, where to begin. Aria is absolutely gorgeous. She met me at the bar and immediately the bartender was wiping the drool off the bar. We had a couple drinks, and she is so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. Even though it was my first time, I felt like I'd known her forever. We went to her room and all I can say is, you absolutely will not be disappointed. She is unbelievable in so many ways, and I will definitely be back to see this gorgeous Russian 🐅.

Estus May

You had me hard for the time I walked in. That was the most intensified orgasm I have ever had. Thanks Rose 🌹

Craig Gladson

I had the pleasure of spending a few wonderful hours with Salem. She is a beautiful, amazing woman and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed in just a few minutes. I got lost in her beautiful green eyes and her smile. Hopefully I will be able to spend some time with her again soon.

Courtesan’s Patron


Courtesan’s Patron What I have to share here is not going to be a typical post. This was my 1st visit ever to an establishment such as this. I originally intended to arrive at 4 PM, spend time with the women, and leave at 7 PM so I could return to my lodging by 10. I arrived at 2 PM, partially due to the time change; and well, I did return back to my lodging at 10... the next morning. Yes, I was there for 16 hours...still can’t believe it. Wow, what an experience. What I have chosen to share here will not be your typical read, and that is with purpose. Bella’s is not some fancy place in LV or some large urban area. It is located in the small town of Wells, in rural Nevada, situated near a heavily trafficked interstate. When you drive down that dirt road and approach the building on the outskirts of town, don’t let it scare you. That said, the facility is secure, clean, and the Courtesans, besides being lovely women, their personal hygiene was perfect. When you ring that doorbell, and you are escorted in, you are entering into the World of the Courtesan. They will allow you the time to feel comfortable and at ease. It was an investment and an amazing time that I will never forget. They are hard-working, insightful human beings each with their own life stories. I found much to my amazement, that in many ways as I got to know them for the tiny slice of time I was there, I discovered I have more in common with them, and can relate to them better than people in my own world, and society in general. In this place, I discovered the freedom to let go and enjoy myself in the company of women. This, I believe, besides having a great time is my most important experience that these lovely ladies generously offered. After a short while after my arrival and my nerves had settled I was offered a “lineup”, where I was given an opportunity to select a Courtesan for a tour and just become acquainted; no obligation at this point. Being a 1st-timer I was overwhelmed, and I am sure it showed. But, the ladies were kind as I gazed at each of them, each with lovely variations of the feminine, then I focused on their eyes and facial expressions. It was much more difficult to make a choice than I had ever anticipated. But I kept looking back to a certain lady, and I chose her... A fireball brunette with a great smile and eyes that sparkled with passionate energy. And oh man, was she the right choice. She was lovely, patient, kind, generous and very energetic. And, she was full of very pleasant surprises before, during and after our private time together. Oh my gosh, what a memory. Then back in the open/bar area, another woman appeared that was not in the original lineup...tall, graceful, well endowed (very); however what additionally caught my eye about this Courtesan was her deep, penetrating eyes, her manner of speech and how she carried herself; this was no ordinary woman. We sat and talked, and as time allowed we got to know each other better, and it was amazing to me how much we had in common - seriously, in all truth. My time with her, very special and unique. What I am willing to share here, is that at one point, she spoke very softly and said a single, short sentence of truth about me - and she was spot on. Could not have been faked. Back in the open area, I invited another Courtesan who I had seen earlier and spoken with briefly, to sit with me and have a drink. She was cute, petite with attractive short blonde hair, and these beautiful blue eyes. All packaged in a sexy blue dress. One can discover a lot about a woman just by holding and caressing their hands. She was a former gymnast, and believe it or not, once again I found myself amazed at the connection and commonalities we had. This could not have been staged (nor could have the other two interactions). The most beautiful memory of this woman was that with her, I experienced for the 1st time in my life what it felt like to lie sleeping next to a woman I had just met. To wake up in a warm bed with only a soft night light, to have the privilege to gaze at her and gently touch her collar bone and stroke her hair while she slept. Amazing. Shortly after this I came to the realization as a 1st-timer that my biggest challenge was not gathering the courage to ring the doorbell and be escorted inside; but to have to depart the Courtesan world and go back to my world. I quietly got up, got dressed, and leaned over, kissed her forehead and whispered, “I think it’s time for me to go now”. She kindly got up and escorted me to the exit door. We hugged and said goodbye. I turned up my jacket collar, exited the building out in the cold early morning air, got into my vehicle, and drove away. You won’t get names here; you will have to experience Bella’s yourself. Go and have a great time, try to connect body/mind/soul, and leave with some astounding memories.

Reese F

Had a great time with this little gal. And another one, can't remember her name (went back for seconds) I was almost satisfied. Had a good time anyway none the less. 4 stars


Summer is a fantastic girl. Made a very uncomfortable, newly-single guy feel like a king.

Paige - Doe Eyed Beauty


I know this is a bit late, but I have had the extreme pleasure of spending some wonderful times with Paige. I have seen Paige three times over the past couple of months, and I can't wait to see her again. Paige is very easy to talk to and makes you feel like you have known her for years. She is extremely beautiful and sexy and her pictures do not do her justice. She is the girl next door type and makes you feel like you are meeting a long lost lover. Wish I could keep her all to myself.

Dr. D

Natasha is a real beauty, inside and out. She's very chill and instantly made feel at home with her warm personality. I had an excellent time with her, and her accent is very, very sexy. Hope to see her again soon!



So I have always been curious about stopping to see what these places are about. I was a bit nervous. Had no idea how to act to be honest. The bartender was nice made me feel comfortable. I get the tradition of the line up. But that was the only awkward part for me. The three girls they had to chose from during these crazy times were all beautiful but Kiki looked like a girl I would actually try to pick up on if I ever saw her in the real world. Think she could tell I was a little on the nervous side which I think made her feel the same. Once we got a chance to get a little closer she quickly alleviated any and all apprehensions I had. The party went well. She was sweet and oh so sexy. She made this a memorable experience and one that I look forward to trying again now that my courtesan cherry is popped. Much love to the staff at this very professional establishment. Keep it up. Hope Kiki is still around the next time I am through.

Perfect Venue!

C Rose

Perfect ladies, perfect parties! They work with your budget and you'll leave with a giant grin on your face.

Paige was amazing

Trebor R

No doubt you have read the other reviews about Paige, you know, the girl next door, etc. Yes, I would say she is reserved, but that is part of her charm, a type of seduction that I am crazy about. God bless you Paige! I will never forget our encounter. Stay well, I want to see you next time for sure.

Doug Sampson

I could not have picked a better person for my first time. Thank you for everything that you did to make sure it was the most comfortable experience I could have had <3

Silk Sheets

Mark Milbrook

I had real fun time on the silk sheets with two girls. All my dreams came true.

Natasha an Intoxicating Experience


Hotter than her pics. Really easy going and very accommodating. Wonderful and highly recommend.

A Hidden Gem

Rand McNally

I found Bella’s to have an appreciably more comfortable atmosphere [than Donna's]. On both of my visits different female bartender/cashiers made me feel welcome. There were over a dozen providers in the house, working staggered shifts—but off-shift ladies were available by request. I found Bella’s providers particularly willing to spend a long time talking with one at the bar without pressuring to party. During my tour I was shown a well equipped dungeon—for those who may be into such stuff.

Much More Than You Think

Alex J

We stopped in Wells specifically because my traveling companion was interested in trying out the services at Bella's. The building is a little off the beaten path on a dirt road--probably to keep unsuspecting travelers from ending up there. You ring the doorbell to get in, as the door is locked--again, probably to keep unsuspecting people from just walking in, and also for safety reasons. The front area is a cozy and includes a bar. The seats are either at the bar or at high tables with stools. The alcohol selection was pretty standard for the liquors and it looks like they have a few beer choices. I didn't see any wine, but that's not to say that they didn't have it, simply that I didn't notice it and I wasn't actually looking for wine at the time. There's a vending machine, but my traveling companion said that they can order food from a near by establishment if their guests are interested. We stopped by in the middle of the day, so it was pretty quiet. I'm guessing that they probably get busier in the evenings. The three ladies who were available at the time were all lovely and friendly. The bartender who was on shift when we arrived was very welcoming and accommodating. As I was more interested in getting a drink and relaxing outside of the car, than I was specifically in the services available, I was offered a tour of the establishment while I waited. It was a pretty quick tour, but it seemed like they had all the tools available at their disposal to cater to their guests' needs. During my time there, I ended up using the "Men's" bathroom and also another bathroom in one of the bathrooms they have available for truckers who would like to shower. Both were VERY clean. I make a point of this only because I had a job as a janitor when I was younger, and mens' public bathrooms in general tend to have a specific smell to them, even if they're cleaned daily. But this bathroom was CLEAN, and it smelled clean too. One of the staff said that they clean it several times a day to keep it nice. And, honestly, the whole establishment was very clean and nice. The artwork on the walls matched the theme of the business in a very classy and visually appealing way. All the staff I talked with were very friendly, and for those who are reading this review to find out this one thing: Yes, the girls are hot. There is definitely a variety in age, body type, hair color, ethnicity for those individuals who have specific preferences. For those who are not up to date on Nevada laws, this type of business is legal in Nevada. The employees for these types of businesses must be clean (and are tested regularly) and use protection when it comes to specific services. This is also not Craig's List. You're not going to get anything quick and easy for $5. Expect to spend some money for what you want. You are getting services catered to your desires that are very personal in nature, in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. If you go to a salon, you know that the business itself needs to make money and the stylists need to make money too. If the stylist does something that you really like, and if they've done a good job, you make sure a little extra goes their way. I'm not going to say anything specific in this review about any pricing structures at Bella's and their tipping policy, because I don't know them; but, from my view, you're getting a service even more personal than a haircut. For those of you who have never patronized this type of establishment, just make sure you keep that in mind. Concerning the quality of actual services offered, I can only speak second hand on that. My traveling companion was pleased with his experience and felt his money was well spent. The option to shower after services received is available, which he made use of. In general, it's always nice if your traveling companion showers, especially when you're going to be stuck in a car with them for another six hours. My traveling companion was also in a good mood the rest of the drive, so overall, A+. Would stop at Bella's again!


It being my first time I didn’t know what to expect. I randomly picked a lady, and I didn’t gel with her and was going to leave. Out comes Jamie, a lady way out of my league, who sits me down and makes me feel comfortable. We end up going back to her room and she helps me undress. We cuddled, and she knew exactly what I needed. She was absolutely amazing. I will definitely be back just for her.

Natalie - A blonde goddess!


This testimonial is a few weeks overdue. Sorry, Natalie, but I promise the night is still fresh in my head as if I just left. This woman is just about the most perfect woman I've ever met. Petite, about 5' tall, if she even weighs 100 lbs I'd be shocked. Long blonde hair, trim and sexy. Softest legs you've ever felt. A smile you can't stop staring at, and a face you will never forget. Arrived and rang the doorbell. I was let in and asked a few basic questions, do I want a line-up...yes. took about 10 minutes before the ladies came out, had a drink at the bar to ease my excitement. I know there were 5 women there when I turned around, but I'll be honest that all I remember was Natalie in front. I immediately picked her and she took my hand and lead me on a tour of the building. The place is clean, several decorated hallways with doors lining each side. Natalie took me to a room with a couch and we sat down to discuss what I needed to have for how long I was looking to be there. (The rest of my life was my first thought!) She took me to the bar to take care of business and the next thing I know I'm back in her room with my arms around her. I'm not going to go into details but what you need to know is that her energy level is off the charts, she convinced me that I was with a girlfriend that wanted to spend time with me, I know she climaxed several times, and when I finally finished, happy ending doesn't even come close to what I was feeling. We chatted a little as I cleaned up and got dressed. She has the voice of an angel, is extremely intelligent and can engage in almost any topic. She took me back out to the bar and sat with me for a few minutes as I had a second drink while my head stopped spinning. If I had more time I would have booked another party right then. Men, do not let this lady leave the area! I personally need her to stay at Bella's for all my future visits. Do us all a favor and keep her busy and in Wells. Natalie, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I'll see you soon!

Great experience


The place was clean, the women were attractive, and the bartender and owner were informative and answered any questions. I experienced the VIP room and thoroughly had a great time. I would go back for another visit.

Lifted My Spirit

Scott Davis

A REALLY MUST VISIT, I look forward to coming through here again, thumbs way up.

Paul Bunyan

Wow, she is nice and beautiful. Happy to have had a happy time with Happy.

Paige- Total Girl Next Door Experience

Trucker Roger 433

This is a review of Paige. She was so much fun to hang out with and really made me feel like a real person. She is the total girl next door, and I still can't stop thinking about that smile of hers. She is so cute. Thank you Paige and thanks to all that work at Bella's Hacienda. You went above and beyond.

Tom Contri

Great experience with Happy. Very friendly and attentive. Oral skills out of this world. Sexy and loving.

Kitty is a Fireball


I wanted to write this for Kitty who was so nice and fun. I had such a fantastic time with her. She is so sexy and that outfit she was wearing when I first met her, wow lol.

Craig W

Summer was great. I visited her 3 times. Though things didn’t turn out as I had hoped, (my fault), she still fulfilled my expectations. Thank you for making me feel fantastic.

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