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What are the rates?  

This is one of the most difficult questions since all parties are customized for each and every client. The lady does her best to work with the gentlemen’s budget. The more money spent; The longer the party. If the budget is 100.00 or something close to that, it will be a short party. It’s called the guy on the go party and your head better be in the game. LOL. 

I need to know how much to bring?

This question is easier. It’s your experience and what are you willing to spend on yourself in order to have the correct life long memory. Meaning, is it a few hundred or much more. May I suggest bringing some cash and a credit card. You will be prepared instead of unprepared.

Do you have an ATM?

There is an ATM. It dispenses one hundred dollar bills. Up to five hundred per transaction for seven dollars. Remember to check how much your card allows per transaction.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, Visa or Mastercard. The surcharge is fifteen dollars per transaction.

Is food available?

Yes. Bella’s restaurant will deliver during their hours of operation. Otherwise, there are fast-food restaurants in Wells.

Do you have a bar?

We have a fully stocked bar. Also, beer bottled and on draft. Please, never drink and drive.

Do the rooms have TV’s?

The rooms have smart TV’s. Bring video that will work on these types of TV’s.

Can I book someone in advance? With special requests?

If you’d like to see a particular lady, a reservation is a really good idea. Of course, special requests will create the perfect fantasy party. 

Am I allowed to take pictures?


I am new at this. How does it work?

A first time client can expect to be nervous. The hostess that answers the door will welcome you to Bella’s. She will ask if you’ve been here before. If you’d like to buy a drink, she will serve the drink before explaining the lineup of ladies. Touring the fantasy rooms and talking to the chosen lady privately in order to get all your questions answered before negotiating the party. 

Do I have to have a line-up? Do I have to pick someone from the line-up?

The very best way to see all the ladies and how beautiful they are is a line-up. Your first time you will feel awkward. Like you will be hurting the feelings of the unchosen ladies. WRONG! Bella’s is open 24 hours a day and every lady attracts the men looking for her. See what’s available… Make a choice. Talk to as many ladies as you’d like. You’ll know the right one for you when you have a chance to talk privately.

Can I have someone come to my hotel?

Yes, however only after coming into Bella’s, choosing a lady, and paying for the party.

Do you have truck parking?

Yes. There is 6 1/2 acres of turn around day and night truck parking. There is plenty of car parking as well.

Does anyone have really big breasts?

What a great question. Bella’s has ladies with breast sizes that range in size from A to double GG. That is LARGE!

Is anyone unshaven?

Some ladies are unshaven, however, you will find that the lady prefers to keep the hair trimmed stylishly. Most are baby bottom clean when it comes to hair. 

Is oral allowed on the lady?

Oral is quite popular. The use of a dental dam is required and the ladies provide the dental dam. (Safety first!) It never interferes with the experience for both parties.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have great showers. Shampoo, body wash, and towels are provided. Plus a shower is complimentary with every party.

Do the ladies accept tips?

Yes, the ladies accept tips and the tip is greatly appreciated.

What if I find myself unprepared financially?

Find a lady who will work with what you have to spend today. NEVER …postpone having a short party as a sampler. Then when you have the opportunity to stop again, you can bring more money and expand the party to fit your fantasy. 

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