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The All American Girl Next Door

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The All American Girl Next Door

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A small town girl with a free-spirit and a wild heart.  I can’t help but be myself – being playful and feisty is in my nature. One of my favorite past times is exploring new things, whether it’s a place I have never been or a new friend I just met.  I just can’t seem to get enough. Your mind is a new discovery to me, your body a new playground. There’s no need to rush, time is on our side.  I want to enjoy every moment I have with you.  We can start with good conversation to keep your smile glowing, or we can jump in and explore the more intimate things. I’m sure we can satisfy your desire.

Additional interests:
*old west history
*road trips
*historic landmarks
*state and national parks

Nothing makes me feel more special than when you book in advance. All you have to do is call 775-752-9914 to set up our time together. Or if you’d like to see the full line up just come on in.

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1 (775) 752-9914


623 8th Street
Wells, Nevada

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