Sexy Bubbly Russian Beauty

Age: 30
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 140
Bust: 34DDD
Bisexual: No
Kiss/GFE (Girl Friend Experience): Yes

bellas ranch
Natasha's Little Joys in Life:
  • Roleplay
  • GFE
  • Lingerie

About Natasha

I’m a Russian girl from Siberia. I have a bubbly, outgoing personality and I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and going on vacation to a beach, lakes and rivers. You will love my sexy Russian accent.

People definitely notice my confidence. I have my own opinions and personality that is independent from what others think. I’m not easily influenced by others. Also my engineering background gave me the ability to see the details that people can’t notice and I’m generally right about things, which I think is sexy.

I love to please, so come get lost in my beautiful blue bedroom eyes, or my 34DDDs.

Send me an email here:

[email protected]

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Russian Beauty Natasha

Natasha was just what I was looking for on my mini-vacation. So Go with confidence.


Natasha an Intoxicating Experience

Hotter than her pics. Really easy going and very accommodating. Wonderful and highly recommend.


Natasha Is A Total Blast

I had such a great time with Natasha. She is warm, friendly, and off the charts sexy. I can't wait until I get the chance to see her again.


Natasha is a real beauty, inside and out. She's very chill and instantly made feel at home with her warm personality. I had an excellent time with her, and her accent is very, very sexy. Hope to see her again soon!

Dr. D

Natasha- Intoxicating Experience

Had a great time with Natasha. She communicated great and had great conversation and chemistry with her. Don't miss out on this goddess while she is around.


Natasha: Such a great experience

The second I started talking to Natasha, I knew I would have a great time. She was wearing a sexy outfit that looked great on her. Her pictures are accurate I would say she is a curvy woman and has a fantastic rack. Natasha has a sexy accent and a warm and bubbly personality. I would recommend her as I had a good time with her. Treat her well guys!


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