Natalie Grace

Total GFE Fantasy

Age: 32
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 110
Bust: 32C
Bisexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE (Girl Friend Experience): Yes

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Natalie Grace's Little Joys in Life:
  • Roleplay
  • Lingerie
  • GFE

About Natalie Grace

*by appointment only*

Miss Natalie Grace is back in the Wild, Wild West and looking forward to creating new memories for 2023!!!!! I am a petite, blonde girl next door. I love yoga, football, music, and delicious food. I am your total GFE fantasy…loaded with passion to match your desire. A romantic encounter with me is guaranteed to be sexually adventurous, fun, passionate, and sensual. You WILL walk back into the world with a memory that puts a permanent smile on your face and leaves a mischievous grin on mine.

I'm available for appointments from May 3rd through the 10th, as well as the 24th through the 31st.

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Natalie - A blonde goddess!

This testimonial is a few weeks overdue. Sorry, Natalie, but I promise the night is still fresh in my head as if I just left. This woman is just about the most perfect woman I've ever met. Petite, about 5' tall, if she even weighs 100 lbs I'd be shocked. Long blonde hair, trim and sexy. Softest legs you've ever felt. A smile you can't stop staring at, and a face you will never forget. Arrived and rang the doorbell. I was let in and asked a few basic questions, do I want a line-up...yes. took about 10 minutes before the ladies came out, had a drink at the bar to ease my excitement. I know there were 5 women there when I turned around, but I'll be honest that all I remember was Natalie in front. I immediately picked her and she took my hand and lead me on a tour of the building. The place is clean, several decorated hallways with doors lining each side. Natalie took me to a room with a couch and we sat down to discuss what I needed to have for how long I was looking to be there. (The rest of my life was my first thought!) She took me to the bar to take care of business and the next thing I know I'm back in her room with my arms around her. I'm not going to go into details but what you need to know is that her energy level is off the charts, she convinced me that I was with a girlfriend that wanted to spend time with me, I know she climaxed several times, and when I finally finished, happy ending doesn't even come close to what I was feeling. We chatted a little as I cleaned up and got dressed. She has the voice of an angel, is extremely intelligent and can engage in almost any topic. She took me back out to the bar and sat with me for a few minutes as I had a second drink while my head stopped spinning. If I had more time I would have booked another party right then. Men, do not let this lady leave the area! I personally need her to stay at Bella's for all my future visits. Do us all a favor and keep her busy and in Wells. Natalie, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I'll see you soon!


She is a very, very sexy, beautiful young lady. She does what she says she will do, 1000 percent and more. She wants to make sure you are very happy and she will talk to you at first to help calm your nerves, and then take you to the room and have fun. It's worth every penny and then some.

Ronnie Kirfman

Amazing!! What a loving soul ❤️ Would love to see you again.

Kevin L

Natalie Grace- Wow! World Class Experience Indeed

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel the world over the years and I have had some really great and fun experiences. In that time, I've also been able to check out quite a few brothels, and I can honestly say that with Natalie at Bella's it does not get better than this. On their website she is described as a world class girlfriend experience which had me both intrigued and skeptical. I have fallen for the hooplah and overused slogans before and have usually been left quite disappointed to say the least. Fortunately I can say that when it comes to Natalie, the hype is real and then some. If anything, I think world class girlfriend experience is an understatement. More like galaxy class if I had my say. Natalie is the ultimate mix of beauty, sexy, and girl next door. She is smoking hot yet sweet and innocent all at once. When she first started talking to me, I must have looked like a complete moron. I know she was saying words to me, but I was trying so hard to get my mouth off the floor that I couldn't tell you what she was saying. I just know I had this goofy grin on my face that I still have now as I write this. Sometimes you meet someone that is beautiful, but perhaps distant or unengaged. Or maybe someone that knows they are that beautiful and acts like they are doing you a favor just by being in your presence. Natalie is the complete package 100%. She has the looks, the intelligence, and the personality all in one. When we were spending time together, she made me feel like I was the only guy in the world and that there was no other place she would rather be than with me. She is exactly what any male would dream up if they could have the ultimate woman and I could not recommend her enough. Natalie you are beyond awesome and I can not thank you enough.

Mike T.

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