Serving Wells and Northern Nevada for Over Half a Century!
Serving Wells and Northern Nevada for Over Half a Century!

Kiki Lover

tall, beautiful, sweetheart

Age: 25
Height: 5’8"

Weight: 130
Bust: 34c

Kiss / GFE: Yes

Kiki Lover's Little Joys in Life:
  • GFE
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Lingerie
  • Financial Domination
  • Roleplay
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism
  • Golden Showers

Don't see yours listed? Get in touch with me and I'll see what I can do ;)

About Kiki Lover

As a hand knocks on the door and the handle turns, your heart leaps. In the doorway we stand, for a moment, and then time resumes. We talk, lying beside each other. I smile a wicked little grin. Your eyes trace the curves of my body; you’re surprised by the intensity of my gaze. I’ve been asked how I seem so experienced at such a young age. The answer is simple: I’ve always pursued my passions, which is in pleasure. There’s a reason why you’re here, why you’re reading this. We all need a little sweetness in our lives, and I am an expert at wish-fulfillment. Give me a hint of what you want, and I’ll introduce you to whatever you’ve been craving. I want to learn with you; I want to show you the depths and heights that can be reached when you share a room with a beautiful girl with an open mind and a shameless smile. I want you to feel good, to feel cared for. I know just a little bit about nearly everything, with a voracious appetite to learn more. I’m an accomplished Lover, I’d love to hear more about whatever has been rolling around in your head lately. I love building excitement for as long as possible. Long conversations filled with coy contact, teasing you, You’ll catch the mischievous look in my eyes and watch my lips move, hungrily. I have a soft spot for sweet treats; if you’re sweet to me, I’ll be extra sweet to you. Kindness is the attribute I am most attracted to; if you have a generous heart, you’ll sneak your way into mine. Call 1 (775) 752-9914 to get started; we’ll be plotting a rendezvous in no time.

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Kiki is the most sensual and sexual woman on earth. She is the living embodiment of pulchritudinous. To know her is to love her. There really are no words to describe this vision of irresistibility. Kiki is an exotic version of your most fantastical vision of a woman. If you spend time with Kiki, you will come to find every other woman on earth falls short of her. Without going into the private details, we've turned each other every way but loose, and she has such positive energy when it's "suite time." I have called her "lovely Moroccan Goddess" as she has the smoothest skin, lovely, natural curves, and breasts of any woman on earth. My only thoughts are returning to see this magnificent woman again.


This girl is a dream 😍 She was more than I was expecting! I had a wonderful time, and I will be back to see her again.



So I have always been curious about stopping to see what these places are about. I was a bit nervous. Had no idea how to act to be honest. The bartender was nice made me feel comfortable. I get the tradition of the line up. But that was the only awkward part for me. The three girls they had to chose from during these crazy times were all beautiful but Kiki looked like a girl I would actually try to pick up on if I ever saw her in the real world. Think she could tell I was a little on the nervous side which I think made her feel the same. Once we got a chance to get a little closer she quickly alleviated any and all apprehensions I had. The party went well. She was sweet and oh so sexy. She made this a memorable experience and one that I look forward to trying again now that my courtesan cherry is popped. Much love to the staff at this very professional establishment. Keep it up. Hope Kiki is still around the next time I am through.


I met Kiki Lover at the bar. She nicely asked how I was and if I'd like to talk. We went to the conversation room and chatted. I spent several hours with Kiki Lover, and after going through a Divorce and other personal issues, Kiki Lover made the time I spent with her like time stood still. She made me feel whole again and that I was a wonderful guy and helped restore my confidence in myself. She definitely knows and lives up to her last name of Lover. Kiki is a kind, caring, classy, and sexy woman. She knows how to make sure you are comfortable and feel like you've known her for years. She has an amazing body, and her personality is out of this world. My time with Kiki was totally unrushed, and I didn't want to leave, but my bank account said otherwise. Lol! Kik Lover is a amazing woman, and you'd kick yourself if you don't spend time with her.

Adam Klaassen

It was an amazing experience with you. You made me feel warm and welcome. You have an amazing body, and your skills were out of this world. I look forward to seeing you again soon xx

John Mather

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