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Bella's is a great place to work. We are located next to Interstate 80 and Highway 93, the 2 most traveled roads  across the US. Bella's is the first Brothel you come to when you are traveling from the North or East. Bella's Ladies are international. The  great location and customer base is why they continue to come here. Bella's is a safe place to work and be a successful business woman.   At Bella's we are always looking for fun, fresh, positive ladies to join our group of elite sex professionals.  Whether you have worked in the industry before, or just genuinely enjoy sex. Bella's is a  safe, fun, and progressive place to conduct business.  Bella's is the place for you!

When you are ready to join our team at Bella's fill out the application. Working here is legal, safe, and fun!

All applicants must be over 21 years of age, clean, and healthy.  Looks, age, and nationality are flexible.

For additional information on brothel life and becoming a legal sex worker, see the Onesta Foundation Website here


If you have ever said to yourself "I want to work in a place where the atmosphere is amazing, I can have a great time, and help make someone's experience better".  We are looking for you!

All applicants must be over 21 years of age.

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